15 Sep

What is a conversion top you might ask? Well it's basically the very best part of a table tennis table itself, and it is designed to be attached to other surfaces or supports, to turn it into a proper table. Table tennis tables occupy a large area, and pretty much fill up any committed games room, leaving no room for other items such as pool tables shuffle boards, etc.. What if you want to get them all, but only have one room available? Well this is the point where a conversion shirt is well worth considering!

There are a quite few conversion shirts available on the market that are designed especially to fit on top of a range of pool table dimensions. This is a superb alternative for someone who has a pool table, also doesn't have the space to add a table tennis table!

The conversion shirt uses the framework and body of the pool table. By putting the conversion top on the pool table and bending it with all the mounting brackets, you and your buddies can start playing ping pong very quickly!

The crucial feature about these conversion tops is that they are extremely easy to install. As mentioned earlier, there are numerous available conversion shirts that will be able to fit on various sizes of pool tables. All you need to do is mount it and lock it with all the mounting brackets on the pool and you'll have a good ping pong table prepared for play.

Main benefits:

1. Save space - You may have a pool table AND a table tennis table in the same area, taking no more room.

2. Save cash - A table tennis conversion top is usually more affordable than a comprehensive table tennis table.

3. Bonus features - By covering the conversion up shirt, it can double up as a table for some other items, such as entertainment, eating or other hobbies. Along with this it protects your pool table!


Well table tennis and snooker tables aren't exactly the same height or size. An official snooker table is 11' by 5'10", whereas a table tennis table is 9' by 5'...a slight problem here... In addition to this, a snooker table is typically 2'10", whereas a table tennis table is 2'8", therefore when playing a transformation shirt you're going to be playing on a surface that's too high! Smaller snooker tables may also be a little lower, and nearer to the height of a proper table tennis table, therefore these can offer a better match.

Does it matter? Well it depends... if you have the table mainly for a few social fun with friends, I'm sure you'll have just as much fun no matter how high the dining table is... Even if you ARE more serious about your match, having a conversion shirt can still be helpful for a great deal of things such as practicing techniques and serves, and remains a lot better then no table at all.

But as you progress further in level, you may find the switching between different height table also much disturbance or bothersome. . As things that operate on a single table don't work on a different...

Where to buy?

Not all significant table tennis manufacturers make conversion tops, and even if they do, not all dealers carry them. Have a look at a few of the online stores, in addition to any regional traders to see if they take them. Don't forget to receive a quote that includes shipping, as they can be pricey to get delivered to your residence, and awkward to transport your self. For more information click table tennis ball

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